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Now Sharron Angle has a pastor problem? (Harry Reid’s a Mormon, but so is Glenn Beck…)

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As reported in Politics Daily (‘Mormons Are a Cult,’ He Says. Now Sharron Angle Has a Pastor Problem):

“…But now explosive statements about Mormons by Angle’s longtime pastor* are causing the Republican candidate and Tea Party champion more headaches as her campaign enters the home stretch.

“Pastor John Reed of Sonrise Church in Reno, a non-denominational, evangelical-style church where Angle was an active member for many years, calls Mormonism a ‘cult’ and Reid, the majority leader and a Mormon, ‘a powerful person in a cult’ whose position should ‘alarm’ people.”

Now Sharron Angle has a pastor problem?? How is it equivalent to compare a pastor who blames America for 9/11 by exclaiming, “America’s chickens are coming home to roost!”, and “God damn America!” with a pastor who explains that Mormonism is a cult?  Most of mainstream Christianity and America believe that Mormonism is a cult.

Nevertheless, if Mike Huckabee (a Christian not-so-fiscally-conservative “conservative“: “His critics say that when Huckabee was governor of Arkansas, he was a big spender and a big taxer“) were running against Glenn Beck (a Mormon, and a real fiscal conservative), I would vote for Glenn Beck. Does the Mormon issue stop David Barton, a devout Christian, from joining forces with Glenn Beck (a Mormon) and even appearing as a regular guest on his show? It does not.  Is it relevant for this election whether or not Harry Reid is a Mormon? It is not.

What IS relevant is this: Which candidate most closely espouses God’s most fundamental value: liberty? God so loved liberty (and us) that He allowed the fall of the entire human race because of it. As our Founders said in the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator  (yes, BY THEIR CREATOR, President Obama) with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”  Thomas Jefferson said, “The God who gave us life gave us liberty at the same time; the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.” As my pastor, John Kirkwood (, said, in explaining that God, although He could, does not force us to love or serve Him: “Without free will [liberty], God isn’t God. What do you call forced love? Answer: rape. What do you call forced servitude? Answer: slavery”.

Without liberty, the rest doesn’t matter. And by his actions, Harry Reid has indicated that liberty is NOT one of his fundamental values.


*As an aside, Sarah Palin reported in Going Rogue how the press would hound her friends and acquaintances in any attempt to dig up dirt on her. Her friends would attempt to defend her and afterward be dismayed at how their comments, meant to defend her, were twisted to make her look bad. Therefore, a word or two of advice to Sharron’s friends/pastors: don’t do press interviews on behalf of/in defense of Sharron Angle.


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October 8, 2010 at 11:01 pm

You might be a domestic enemy (of the United States) if…

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From The Washington Post:

“Sharron Angle is the national GOP’s candidate in what is arguably the most high-profile Senate race in the country. On the day she announced her candidacy in 2009, Angle clearly and unequivocally agreed with a conservative radio host who claimed that there are “domestic enemies” and homegrown enemies” within the Senate and the Congress.

She has now been given three chances to disavow this claim or to state clearly that she doesn’t agree with it. In all three cases, she’s refused.

Angle’s latest refusal came this morning, in response to aggressive questioning from ABC News’ Jonathan Karl:

ABC NEWS: Do we have enemies of the country inside the walls of Congress?

ANGLE: Certainly people who pass these kinds of policies — Obamacare, cap and trade, stimulus, bailout — they’re certainly not friends to the free market system.

ABC NEWS: So, what are they?

ANGLE: They’re not friends.”

Sharron Angle is right.  Let’s explore the idea that there might be “domestic enemies” within Congress.

You might be a domestic enemy if:

  • you declare “this war is lost” while American troops fighting that war are still in harm’s way
  • you vote to confirm Supreme Court Justices who do not believe the Constitution establishes the right to keep and bear arms
  • you promise transparency to the American people, then continue with as many back door deals as you like, on the largest legislation issues of our time
  • you craft and ram through Congress, through threats, blackmail, and bribery, a bill that requires, as a condition of citizenship, the purchase of health care insurance
  • you actually believe that race should dictate what party you belong to (e.g., “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage can be a Republican”)
  • your policies have resulted in the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression, yet you continue down the same path
  • you ally yourself with a president who:

-believes the Constitution is a “flawed” document that “focuses on what government can’t do to you…”

-allows the prosecution our Navy Seals but lets the USS Cole and Lockerbie bombers go free, one to a hero’s welcome

-is uncomfortable with the word “victory” except in reference to his own campaign (Yes, you are correct, Sarah Palin! And he continues to prove it!)

-treats our enemies like friends and snubs (or worse) our allies (e.g., Poland, England, France, and most alarmingly, Israel – our most important and staunchest in the Middle East)

-brings up one of our own member states before the UN as an example of having committed “human rights violations”

-refuses to secure our borders

Gee whiz, I can’t imagine why Sharron Angle has suggested that there might be domestic enemies in Congress…

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September 10, 2010 at 10:24 pm

Who is Sharron Angle’s God?

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“How do you explain all this? You’re now a national story, are you kind of overwhelmed by it all?” asked Ralph Reed of The Christian Coalition.

“I believe that God has been in this from the beginning and because of that when He has a plan and a purpose for your life and you fit into that, what He calls you to He always equipped you for,” Sharron Angle replied.

Now her critics accuse her of claiming God told her to run for office, claiming God is on her side, etc. etc.

But the real question is not whether God told Sharron Angle to run, but Who is Sharron Angle’s God?

Is He:

-Harry Reid’s racist god, who despises those who speak with a negro dialect (whose scriptures state that god cursed evildoers with black skin) and Hispanics who are intelligent enough to think for themselves, and perhaps – gasp – not be Democrats?

-Obama’s god, who demands collective salvation, that for one to be saved, all must be saved (which leads to tyranny)?

-Jeremiah Wright’s racist god of black liberation theology, hatred of Israel, of god damn America, and chickens coming home to roost?

-the one who commands death to infidels and glorifies jihad in his holy book – the same one to whom his followers proposed building a Monument, celebrating jihad, at Ground Zero?

-Nancy’s Pelosi’s god, “the word”, the one you can fill in with whatever you want – who was the inspiration for a bill that promotes the slaughter of His most defenseless creatures?

Or, is He:

-the same God Sarah Palin reveres, who directs her steps, and whose church building those who hate her set ablaze?

-the same God one of our Founders spoke of in saying, “Those who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants” (William Penn)?

Why is it acceptable for Obama, Reid, and Pelosi to speak of their god, unchallenged, but Sharron Angle and Sarah Palin’s God makes people hold their ears and scream?

The God you serve will determine for whom you will vote in November, people of Nevada and people of The United States of America.

Written by raunerreeks

August 16, 2010 at 10:42 pm

Why Sharron Angle “Runs from the Press”

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As reported in The Huffington Post:

“Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle proved to be camera shy once again when she declined to take questions from reporters at a media-friendly event organized by her campaign on Wednesday.

“…As she left the press conference a local television reporter called after her: ‘Sharron, will you answer some questions really quickly.’ (Sorry, HuffPo doesn’t know how to use question marks, and I am quoting.  Comment mine.) Angle did not turn around and a member of her staff responded, ‘We’re running behind, I’m sorry.’

“’The whole point of an interview is to use it like they say, ‘earned media,’ to earn something with it,’ Angle recently told CBN’s David Brody. ‘And I’m not going to earn anything from people who are there to badger me and use my words to batter me with.’”

Why does Sharron Angle “run from the press”?

Well, let’s see.  Maybe it’s because:

1)       Most mainstream media members aren’t interested in the truth, or in portraying conservatives fairly.

2) Mainstream media members of organizations like Politico, Time, The Huffington Post, and The Washington Post would rather conspire to conceal the relationship between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright at a critical time in a presidential election, or conspire to portray any popular conservative as a racist (just pick one!), or wish a slow and painful death on Rush Limbaugh, or shut down Fox News, or compare Tea Partiers to Nazis, or destroy Sarah Palin. (In case you are one of those mainstream media members, and haven’t heard about this story, it can be found here, here, and here).

3)      She needs campaign contributions, and she doesn’t have the president flying to Nevada, twice, at a cost of approximately $1 million per trip in taxpayer funds, to do fundraisers for her, while the fawning media tells sunny happy stories about it.

4)       The press isn’t really interested in her views. They are interested in trapping her and making her look foolish.  See #1.

5)       Since, according to liberal media, conservatives can’t read anyway, she’s saving her breath for talk radio.

6)       Her supporters and those likely to support her don’t watch mainstream media on TV either.

7)       Her views are on her website, and have been presented on numerous radio talk shows. Read, and listen, if you dare.

8)       Don’t worry media members! You’ll get your chance before November, if you haven’t lost ALL of your audience by then.