Move On, Harry Reid

Hey, hey, heave ho, Harry Reid has got to go!

Harry Reid unaware of any journalists or pundits who declared Sharron Angle the winner

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by Jarrod Agen, Communications Director, Sharron Angle Campaign:

More than $400,000 has come in online since Sharron won the debate on Thursday night.

But, Harry Reid still cannot bring himself to “man up” and admit that he was horrible at the debate.

Yesterday, in another one of Harry’s moments of delusion, Reid said he wasn’t aware of any journalists or pundits who declared Sharron the winner.

Ok…there were several, but I don’t want to overload you, Harry. Let me give you one. Just one.

And it happens to be the one guy that the ENTIRE national press corps turns to on a DAILY basis to handicap this Nevada U.S. Senate race.

Read the words from Jon Ralston very slowly, Harry: “Sharron Angle won The Big Debate.”

I understand — it was the second sentence of Ralston’s column — maybe Harry didn’t read that far.

In that case, here was the headline of that column which appeared in Harry Reid’s favorite local paper, the Las Vegas Sun: “Reid lost the debate to Angle

For good measure Harry – you might want to read today’s column too: “Aghast, still, at Reid’s inability to control debate.”

Oh, and it was also interesting to read that the debate wasn’t Harry’s only bad performance lately. Harry’s meeting with the Mormon Business Associates was described as a “blood bath”, while Sharron’s was described as a “love fest”.

Harry, ask David Gergen if he thinks you won that one too.

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October 17, 2010 at 9:58 pm

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