Move On, Harry Reid

Hey, hey, heave ho, Harry Reid has got to go!

Five ways Harry Reid might go after Sharron Angle: BRING IT ON!

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Here are five ways Paul Kane at The Washington Post (see: thinks Harry Reid can attack Sharron Angle ( Let’s examine each one:

1) “Inflammatory rhetoric: In an interview last month with the Reno Gazette-Journal, Angle had this to say about gun laws: ‘What is a little bit disconcerting and concerning is the inability for sporting goods stores to keep ammunition in stock,’ she told the newspaper. ‘That tells me the nation is arming. What are they arming for if it isn’t that they are so distrustful of their government? They’re afraid they’ll have to fight for their liberty in more Second Amendment kinds of ways. That’s why I look at this as almost an imperative. If we don’t win at the ballot box, what will be the next step?’”

You want inflammatory rhetoric? Sharron Angle mentioned some of Harry Reid’s in an interview on Alan Stock’s conservative radio talk show on KXNT-AM, 840 in Nevada: “I’m more mainstream than the fellow that said tourists stink, this war is lost, and light-skinned no-Negro dialect.”

2) “Abolishing wide swaths of the federal government: Angle believes the U.S. Education Department should be abolished, as she explains on her campaign Web site: ‘Sharron Angle believes that the Federal Department of Education should be eliminated. The Department of Education is unconstitutional and should not be involved in education, at any level.’ Angle went further in an interview with a Nevada online publication, writing that she favored the termination of the Energy Department, the EPA and much of the IRS tax code; complete elimination of the National Endowment for the Arts, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.”

Who else believed in the abolishment of the Department of Education? Wait for it….wait for it…RONALD REAGAN! I don’t think he had trouble winning his election in 1980. The EPA is involved in an unprecedented unconstitutional power grab (in declaring CO2 a pollutant and therefore subject to the Clean Air Act) and Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae are a part of the current administration’s Chicago machine, and Americans know it.

Mark A. Thiessen of The Washington Post agrees (see:

“Reid has also attacked Angle for supporting the abolition of the departments of Energy and Education. Other ‘fringe’ politicians who have supported shuttering the Education Department include Ronald Reagan as well as two members of the Senate Republican leadership — John Kyl and Lamar Alexander (the latter a former secretary of Education). Those who have supported shutting down the Energy Department include House Republican leader John Boehner and Sen. Lindsey Graham. And John McCain, the GOP’s 2008 presidential nominee, co-sponsored legislation to eliminate both departments. It’s a bit of a throwback issue, to be sure, but not out of the Republican mainstream. Angle may find that with Reid and Obama adding $10 trillion to the national debt, Americans may finally be in the mood to shut down a government agency or two (emphasis mine).”

3) “Yucca Mountain: Angle supports the permanent storage of highly radioactive nuclear waste in this cavernous mountain 100 miles northwest of Las Vegas. It has long been a bipartisan matter for the Silver State’s congressional delegation to oppose the Yucca Mountain storage plan. Reid has touted his ability to kill the plan to store the waste at Yucca as the single most important thing he’s done for his state since becoming Democratic leader in 2005. Here’s how she described her support in the interview with the online publication: ‘For nearly twenty years, I have been in favor of Yucca Mountain as a profitable center.’ Reid’s campaign is sure to ask Angle, since she has proposed abolishing the DOE, who would oversee the nuclear waste stored at Yucca.”

Yucca Mountain can bring much needed jobs to Nevada. Nuclear power has ZERO carbon emissions. Even “centrists” ought to like that. Three Mile Island, although a serious nuclear accident, caused no deaths or injuries. Furthermore, there ARE clever ways available to deal with nuclear waste: (See, for example: “Advocates use the word “recycling” to describe an advanced form of reprocessing that, instead of separating plutonium that can be used in bombs from spent fuel, would produce a mixed-oxide fuel too radioactive for terrorists to handle. Such fuel, called MOX, could be used in special reactors that exist in France but not in the United States.”)

4) “God and guns: At her coming out party in Washington — at a ‘tea party’ event April 15 at the National Press Club — Angle invoked God and guns as her leading issues. It’s unclear how such views will play statewide in a general election, given that local polling shows fewer than 20 percent of voters aligning themselves with the tea party. ‘You know, I feel a little lonely today, I usually bring Smith and Wesson along, and I have to tell you I’m going to give Washington, D.C., a lesson in the Constitution, especially the second amendment. But I didn’t come alone today. I brought God — always bring him — and I brought my husband of 40 years, Ted Angle. Now, I subscribe to the KISS principle, Keep It Simple, Sharron. The solutions to the problems that we have with our economy are as simple as: pay it back, cut back and take back.’”

“Polling shows …fewer than 20% of voters aligning themselves with the tea party”?  Whose poll is that? How about this: “On major issues, 48% of voters say that the average Tea Party member is closer to their views than President Barack Obama. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that 44% hold the opposite view and believe the president’s views are closer to their own.” (See:

5) “Global isolationism: Angle has called for the United States to withdraw from the United Nations. Again, from her campaign Web site: ‘The UN. has been captured by the far left and has become ineffective and costly. The UN. continually threatens US. sovereignty, with endless rhetoric and treaties and it has now become the ‘umpire’ on fraudulent science, such as global warming. The United State needs to withdraw from the United Nations and work solely with America’s willing allies.’”

Mike Huckabee also suggested defunding the UN (see: In 2009, Rasmussen reported “Americans are almost evenly divided in their views of the U.N., although those who don’t like the organization feel more strongly about it. Forty-seven percent (47%) now have at least a somewhat favorable opinion of the U.N., and 48% have an unfavorable view.” (See: Since Sharron Angle will likely not have it in her power to withdraw from the UN, and a plurality of Americans are at least sympathetic, I fail to see how this will hurt her…

In summary, to quote Ron Futrell at Big Journalism, Sharron Angle’s attackers are “ignoring the fact that Nevadans know Social Security has serious problems, we’d like to keep our cash for our own education, and Yucca means jobs and an answer to our energy issues. Nothing kooky about any of those ideas.” (See:



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